A lovely game 

My love for upcycling was kindled to me at an early age.

I have always been a “handy” person. During school holidays I would spend hours and hours playing, often sweetly but sometimes screaming and yelling,

while making dollhouses, bread-puppets, brooches; you name it.

The collection of leftover “worthless” materials from my mother’s closets

was a source of possibilities.

The Poèt & Chanson necklaces are just like women all unique creations.

They are made out of the caps of champagne- and cava bottles. You often find these on the floor after a party and they immediately catch your eye.

After the hammering, shaping, drilling and other handiwork has been done comes the most joyful but sometimes most time consuming part; choosing the right colour combinations. That is where the painter in me takes over.

The lock of the necklace is made of two firm magnets. They not only provide a subtle reference to the attraction between people but are also very convenient when after a rocking night you quickly want to roll into bed.